Sound Awareness

What is Sound Awareness?
Sound Awareness are classes geared to people who are interested in exploring how the world of sound can be used to aid in mediation, self-exploration, and the healing properties of sound healing.  I have studied music theory, sound healing, and music therapy both informally and formally and have a broad understanding of the underlying concepts and applications of using sound in therapeutic settings as well as for self awareness.

Who Are These Classes For?
In my journeys I have noticed that many musicians aren't aware of the use of music in a Western therapeutic setting as well as the vibrational healing aspects of sound. Interestignly enough, I have also found that many "Sound Healers" have very little training. I've also observed many music therapists who aren't aware of the vibrational healing aspects of sound and or lacking a knowledge of the underlying physical aspects of sound.

Classes can be catered for individuals or groups based on interest level.

Upcoming Events

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