Music Theory For Sound Healers

The Seattle Sound Temple

Sunday, November 18, 2018

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In this afternoon introductory class with musician Chris Morda, we begin to explore the relationship between the fundamental principles of music theory and sound healing by looking at the Harmonic Series, melody, harmony, and rhythm. We will talk about and experience how simple ratios explain musical intervals, musical scales and modes, chords and harmonic clouds, and simple rhythm. Understanding these basic musical principles helps up build more powerful and transformative sound healing sessions whether we work with singing bowls, voice or other sound healing tools.

Please join us for this introductory afternoon discussion!

Material To Be Covered

(click on links for supplemental course information)

Introduction To Western Music Theory - Scales and Intervals
The Harmonic Series
Harmonic Rhythm
Drones & Entrainment
Musical Modes
Difference Tones
Music Tuning Systems & Temperament

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